One of the biggest disappointments of 2014 was having Eli Roth’s cannibal movie The Green Inferno yoinked from screens less than a month from its release. The reason behind the pull had nothing to do with the film’s content, but rather some uninteresting business crap involving the production company. Well, it looks like current horrormeister (*sigh*) Jason Blum has flown in to save the day.

Blumhouse, along with Universal and High Top Releasing, will be putting The Green Inferno on 1,000 screens come September 25th, just twenty days after its initial 2014 release date. Thanks to this and the June 26th release of Knock Knock, we few Eli Roth fans are having a good year. Does this mean he’ll finally make Thanksgiving? (Spoiler alert: no)

The world needs a good cannibal movie. It’s a subgenre that really tests the limits of those who call themselves “horror fans.” Maybe now with The Walking Dead acclimating people to the idea of people-munching, cannibalism doesn’t seem as taboo as it once did. Still, there’s a big difference in seeing dehumanized corpses feasting on entrails and smiling natives doing the same thing. Is it wrong that I myself am smiling at this film’s eventual release? Why is my stomach suddenly growling?