The Hollywood Reporter says that Tilda Swinton is in negotiations with Marvel to join Doctor Strange in a gender-bent role: The Ancient One.

I’m not really a comics guy, so I had to look up who the hell this character is, and evidently he’s the Sorcerer Supreme who taught Doctor Strange everything he knows. Also, I couldn’t help but note a striking similarity between his costume and my nightly sleepwear. I too prefer dangling wizard sleeves and hammer pants.


Look, this is nothing but good news. Tilda Swinton is notoriously picky about the films she joins, so if negotiations are underway, I see that as a sign of quality. Sure, she’s been in bad movies, but they’re almost always interesting movies, and she’s always good in them. For those of you who take umbrage when your favorite comic book characters aren’t cast in a way that’s faithful to the comic, you can take your umbrage and shove it. Doesn’t it always work out just fine, anyway?

Thanks to forum user MrSaxon for sending this in!