I have never had to seriously deal with any police officer with the exception of two traffic stops (one because my tag light was out, and the other was a totally random stop by an undercover vehicle who said my truck matched the description of a drug dealer’s). One of my biggest fears is that I’ll run afoul of a bad cop on a power trip who will stampede over any rights I have and ruin my life. The police in my area give me the creeps, and I’m as law-abiding as they come.

So this trailer forĀ Cop Car is pretty effective for me. It’s always nice to see the Bacon (who is sharing that Fountain of Youth with Keanu) be a bad guy, and the two kids don’t seem to be insufferable. This could be good!

I just wish everyone didn’t say the movie’s title a whole bunch in this trailer. That’s a tad silly.

Cop Car opens on August 7. Looks like my paranoia about police officers will be getting a boost by the end of this summer.

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