Remember when everyone speculated that the Joker’s tattoos were only a promotional gag? Think again, as new set photos and videos confirm that Jared Leto will indeed sport all of those Juggalo tattoos. Luckily, he doesn’t come off as a Juggalo during the shoot. Instead, he looks like a modern vampire. Wearing an expensive silver jacket over a purple shirt with several buttons left undone, you can clearly see the top of his chest tattoos, and worst of all, the “damaged” line on his forehead. Did I mention that he steps out of a purple Lamborghini Aventador? He apparently even has a “HAHAHA” plate. Did he register that at the DMV?

In case you don’t wanna be spoiled about what was shot, don’t read the following paragraph.

In the scene filmed, probably a flashback, Harley (Margot Robbie) sans costume stops the Joker’s car. The Joker steps out and argues with her, then kisses her. A trucker shows up and Harley surprisingly shoots him. She then points the gun at the Joker who takes it from her. He aims the gun at his own head, then slaps her. Watch the whole scene here. There are some more behind-the-scenes shots (please don’t re-post them on the boards): additional shots of their scene, Joker at gunpoint, Harley getting wet, shirtless Killer Croc, Deadshot leading Harley and El Diablo through a toppled building, Deadshot and soldiers storming a building, Harley blowing a bubble, and these images show that Killer Croc enjoys Eska Natural Spring Water, and that the Squad brings down a plane.

Thanks to CHUD reader Analog Olmos for the heads up!

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