For my viewing of Mad Max: Fury Road, I was fortunate enough to see it with my best friend Nick Murray and my best CHUD bud Travis Newton. I have a weekly podcast, and we’ve been covering the Mad Max series on there for the past three weeks. In lieu of a written review, we instead recorded this episode (which was done the same day we saw Mad Max: Fury Road). I hope you enjoy it, Chewers!

A note from Travis: I had a blast with these guys, and it was great to finally meet Drew and catch a flick together. We also managed to catch more than a few beers the previous night and a few before the podcast. We’re pretty loopy, we get silly, and we had fun. There’s a lot of laughter, and I really needed it. Thanks again to Drew for driving his war rig across the swamps of Florida to meet us on the other coast.

For those who prefer an iTunes link, here you go.


From left to right: Nick Murray, Drew Dietsch, and Travis Newton