Liam Neeson recently said that he can’t see himself doing action movies forever, buuuut luckily forever is still a few days away. Therefore, he’s currently considering doing another thriller entitled A Willing Patriot, written by Jason Keller and to be directed by Martin Zandvliet.

Neeson would play a CIA agent putting everything on the line to stop a new terrorist attack from happening. Infiltrating a terrorist network in South America’s so-called “Triple Frontier” (the crime infested tri-border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay), he goes undercover and gets himself in a lot of trouble.

The script that sounds like an unproduced DTV Steven Seagal flick isn’t exactly new. In 2008, José Padilha (Robocop 2014) tried to to make it into a movie right after having done the great Rio police force thriller Tropa de Elita AKA Elite Squad. In case you haven’t watched that one –  put it on your list. Seriously. If A Willing Patriot is only half as good as Padilha’s Tropa de Elita, it might be another Liam Neeson action movie more interesting than the ridiculously successful Taken franchise. If used properly, Neeson can still be amazing. And if we avoid the use of shaky cam, we might even have a movie.