Comedian Louis C.K. has really come into his own as a filmmaker. He’s directed every episode of his FX comedy Louie, and the show is weirder and better than I ever could have imagined. Often skewing into the unexpectedly dramatic and completely absurd, Louie allows a really talented guy to explore tone, genre, and technique in interesting ways.

Now, TheWrap is reporting that Scott Rudin will produce a new film for C.K. called I’m A Cop. C.K. will direct, write, and star. The film’s protagonist is described by TheWrap as “a depressed middle-aged man who serves as a volunteer police officer. When his mother dies following a distinguished career in law enforcement, he’s inspired to follow in her footsteps and become a real cop.”

It sounds pretty mumblecore in scale, but that’s okay. This shouldn’t be some glossy Apatow-style movie. I fully expect this to be just as intimate and tonally odd as Louie, and that’s cool. This will be C.K.’s first narrative feature since Pootie Tang.