The wait is over. Cary Fukunaga’s feature adaptation of Stephen King’s It has announced its Pennywise. The embodiment of all fear will be played by…

Will Poulter.


I’m gonna need your opinions on this, Chewers. I know the dude has some notoriety from the surprise hit comedy We’re the Millers and the recent YA sci-fi flick The Maze Runner, but I’ve never seen him act. The guy has a very distinct face (who knows how recognizable he’ll be once he’s all clowned out), and I like that Fukunaga has decided to go with an actor that isn’t a mass-marketable name, but having Pennywise be younger than I am is a weird kind of off-putting. I never imagined Pennywise as a youth (he always came off as “friendly uncle” to me), but maybe Poulter will bring something eldritch to the role. He does already look like the Cabbage Patch version of Charles Bronson.

I eagerly await the first full look we get at Pennywise. I’m interested to see how much (if at all) the new film will draw upon the idea that he’s an amalgamation of popular clown characters. Since this film is being time-shifted to the eighties, I’m hoping for more Ronald McDonald in the design. That fucker is already a nightmare.

The comments all float down there, Chewers. Go float with them.

Source: Variety

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