I hate making lists of my top films from the year. Why? Because eventually those rankings change, and even my number one of the year can be ousted. That definitely happened last year with John Wick. It’s unquestionably the film from 2014 I’ve seen the most times (five and counting), and it’s the one that reflects my cinematic enjoyments the most. It’s basically a horror film filtered through a Hong Kong action flick where the immortal slasher is the hero. Perfection.

A lot of what made John Wick so indelible was a combination of its simple storytelling and its intricate world. While the story of John Wick himself came to a satisfying close, there’s certainly a plethora of paths a sequel could take in regards to the comic book-y underworld the first film presented.

Well, looks like we’ll find out what’s in store for the Boogeyman (Baba Yaga) because today brings the official announcement of John Wick 2. All the key players will be returning: Keanu Reeves will be doling out the headshots once again, Derek Kolstad will be writing the script (more badass monologues for John, please), and the directing duo of David Leitch and Chad Stahelski will be directing.

I know it’s foolish to expect lightning to strike in the same place twice, but allow me a modicum of excitement at this news. We are sorely lacking in good action films at the cinema that aren’t gritty or overtly silly. John Wick was refreshingly old school with some modern style. I want more of that out of my action movies, and if a sequel to John Wick has to be the way to get that, then I am more than happy.

As a celebratory gift, here’s a video of every idiot stupid enough to get in the way of John Wick. He kills more people than Freddy Krueger and Leatherface combined. Marvelous.

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