Hey! Did you hear that? It was the pitter-patter of the last few shits I gave about the Gremlins remake hitting the ground. In between cutting key limes and spearfishing off the Yucatan, legendary filmmaker Joe Dante took some time to speak at the Riviera Maya Film Festival, during which he was asked if he’d be involved in a Gremlins remake.

“No, because I don’t own the project,” he said. “It’s owned by other people.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the exciting world of Hollywood! The fact that Joe Dante can’t just burst into any studio head office he wants and demand a billion dollars to make a monster movie is truly an indicator of the mad world we live in. Chris Colombus (Home Alone, Mrs. Doubtfire, the worst Harry Potter movies) is still producing along with Spielberg, as well as writing the script (he wrote the original) but nobody has been named to direct, which probably means Chris Colombus is going to direct, which- *falls asleep for a thousand years*

Hey, studio suits…if you want to get some positive buzz going for a Gremlins remake, without Joe Dante, announce that they’re all going to be completely practical creations. I’m no CGI witchhunter, but CG just feels wrong for Gremlins. Also, get Fred Dekker to direct.

You’re welcome.

via Hollywood Reporter

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