visit_posterAfter an intriguing poster (click on it to see a huge-ass version), M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit now appears to be about a pair of young siblings who managed to save up enough of their allowances to buy an Arri Alexa and some nice lenses and bring them over to their grandparents’ place to document their weirdo behavior. No, the grandparents aren’t nudists, but that would be a hell of a movie.

This looks like silly kiddie fare to me, which is fine. I have no problem with horror for kids, nor should any Joe Dante fan. The problem is that the film looks so clean and glossy that I experience a terrible cognitive dissonance when I watch this footage. I can’t help but think that real kids would’ve recorded their possessed grandparents while holding their cameras in the portrait orientation. A vertical video horror film— now that’s scary.

Is this doing anything for you guys? Will anyone take their kids to see The Visit when it comes out this September?