Oh, Daredevil. You’re such a beautifully shot and lit show with a mostly wonderful cast.

Why you needed thirteen hours to cover the arcs in your first season is beyond me. Why you abandoned the show’s two promising romances is total mystery, too.

I wish you hadn’t been so precious about that fucking costume. I wish you had a better sense of humor. I wish you were more fun to watch. Game of Thrones is full of awfulness and death, but I’ve never finished a season of that show out of a sense of obligation — I’ve always just wanted more. Two thirds of the way through your first season, I just wanted you to finish the hell up.

But I don’t want to dump you, Daredevil. You’ve got enough good things about you that I’ve decided I’m not giving up. You say you’ll have new episodes next year. You say showrunner Steven S. DeKnight won’t be coming back due to previous commitments, and that you’ll be replacing him with Doug Petrie (who worked on Buffy) and Marco Ramirez (Sons of Anarchy). I don’t know how to feel about that just yet, but I hope that in the coming year, you shape up into something worth binging again.

Source: Marvel