This new trailer for Mad Mad: Fury Road goes for the nostalgia center of your brain hard. There’s two things I take away from this trailer:

1) Mad Max: Fury Road will fit right in with the other entries in the series.

2) I’m more than okay with Mel Gibson not portraying Max.

Let’s talk about these two reactions. Firstly, I know there’s a large contingency of fans who are bummed that Gibson won’t be back as Mr. Rockatansky. You know what? I totally get that. A disgraced, grizzled Gibson returning to the role that made him a movie star has a certain appeal to it. There’s a “Fuck you all, I’m still awesome” attitude that such a move would exude, and I wouldn’t have been against it. But, I’m not of the mindset that only Gibson could perform the role since we’ve never seen what a Gibson-less Mad Max entails. Plus, after the first entry, Max is more myth than he is man, and having someone take his place feels like the appropriate way to keep the myth alive.

As far as Mad Max: Fury Road lining up with the rest of George Miller’s dystopian adventures, this trailer does a lot of good in that department. Not only is the dated Warner Bros logo a great touch, but you can see that Mad Max: Fury Road isn’t a film that falls in line with most of the summer blockbusters we’ve been fed over the last few years. There’s an old school feeling to the film, but infused with all the money and talent this new age can afford.

May 15th. Keep counting the days, Chewers.

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