Forgive my vulgar display of admiration, but I am rock hard for Cary Fukunaga. Jane Eyre made me think twice about stories I perceived to be stuffy and unapproachable, True Detective gave me a double dose of grimy crime drama intermixed with existential horror, and the dude is set to adapt my favorite Stephen King novel. Anything this guy puts his name on is on my radar (Beasts of No Nation needs to get here NOW), so today’s news announcing that Fukunaga will direct yet another television show is music to my ears. But, that music might come at a price…

Fukunaga is set to adapt The Alienist, which disappointingly has nothing to do with Zeta Reticulans. Instead, the show is based on Caleb Carr’s 1994 novel about a 19th century doctor who uses the newfangled practice of psychology to help catch one of New York City’s first serial killers. Oh, he also gets help from police commissioner Teddy Roosevelt. Yeah, I’m sold.

Nothing in the press release states what network this will air on or what the time table for the show is, but for those of us wanting somewhat original content (it’s based on a novel, but this is original enough for me) out of our greatest working filmmakers, this sounds like it will be worth the wait. But, remember that price I talked about earlier?

I have a feeling this means something serious for Fukunaga’s adaptation of It. Last we heard, the Stephen King masterwork was being split into two parts, with Fukunaga writing and directing the first part but only credited with the script for the second part. There hasn’t been confirmation of Fukunaga returning to direct It: Part Deux, and this news about The Alienist would seem to smash that possibility into the ground. Why? As far as the language of the press release is concerned, it sounds like Fukunaga will be pulling another True Detective by directing the entire series run of The Alienist. That’s a lot of time you have to put in, and finding the time to do that while directing the second part of a tentpole film doesn’t seem likely.

Now, not all is lost. It’s possible that both parts of It will be shot back to back, but there’s nothing out there to solidify such a belief. I am hoping that just by putting such a notion out into the ether will make it come true. I really, really want It to be fantastic, and I think having a complete directorial vision can’t hurt that possibility. I’m sure we’ll hear more as It is set to start shooting in New York in two months.

Regardless of Fukunaga’s eventual fate concerning Pennywise the Dancing Clown, I am eager to consume anything the guy puts out into the world. Looks like i’m going to have to check if my library has a copy of The Alienist floating around.

Source: The Wrap

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