Marvel has just released the second Ant-Man trailer. Check it out:

While the first trailer had barely any money shots to offer, this new one has it all. Lots of shrinking and growing scenes, lots of ants, and lots of men. There’s a little more comedy involved this time, but Peyton Reed’s movie really seems to be as serious as Iron Man. Will it be a success? The Marvel brand will manage a sizeable opening weekend, but beyond that? Paul Rudd has millions of female fans. However, a rather non-charismatic role, a lack of romance and fun, and myriads of crawling bugs might be a little off-putting. Especially in 3D. It looks rather odd for a blockbuster, like a serious action remake of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, with a badass Wayne Szalinski fighting a wasp man.

Thanks to CHUD reader Evi for the notification!