Joe Dante has always been the crazy uncle to Steven Spielberg’s cool dad (now grandpa). I think that’s why his fans stick by him; he’s never lost his sense of fun, even when getting involved in darker subject matter (The Hole goes to a really dark place but is still a joyride of a horror film). It’s that attitude that makes me forgive this less-than-stellar trailer for Burying the Ex. There’s some good gags in place, but the attempt at cutting this together like a typical rom-com is probably what has me less than enthused. I get that that’s the joke, so I’m not holding this trailer against the eventual movie. Any time we get some new Joe Dante is a reason to expect a good time, and it looks like Uncle Joe is going a little Sam Raimi with his gross-out humor. That’s never a bad thing.

Burying the Ex hits VOD on June 19th.