Stephen Dorff is in talks to join the upcoming Texas Chain Saw Massacre prequel. He’d play a sheriff opposing the murderous Sawyer clan lead by Angela Bettis. The new movie is described as a mystery coming-of-age story about three teenagers, one of them ultimately becoming the man who loves to build furniture out of human remains.
I could live without ever seeing another Leatherface origin story, but this one has Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (Inside, Livid, Among the Living) attached to it. Their ideas might not always turn out great, but at least they try to be original. Maybe they can bring back the alphabet training?

Friday the 13th
The reboot has already been announced for May 2016, but they’re still not ready to go. TV writer Nick Antosca (Hannibal) has been brought in to write a new draft for director David Bruckner.
Is it really that hard to write a new Jason movie? I bet the biggest problem isn’t coming up with crazy new kills, or great Jason moments, but to find a spin that’s interesting to teenagers. The producers have toyed with the idea of found-footage elements, with making this Jason more realistic, or to explain the supernatural elements such as Jason’s regeneration ability. They’re highly interested in matching the box office success of the last movie, but Jason sprinting won’t cut it anymore. Meanwhile, Jason has a new TV series coming up and he will be a playable character in the new Mortal Kombat. Whatever happens with that movie, Jason will obviously be around.

Rob Zombie has unveiled the first still of his upcoming movie about killer clowns (not from outer space). The image shows Doom-head, one of several maniacs dressed up as clowns who play a deathmatch against five carnival workers. Some of the other clowns will be named Sex-head, Schizo-head, Death-head, and Sick-head.
While I liked his paranoia piece The Lords of Salem, it certainly was  a real drag to sit through. I hope 31 brings back the great energy his first two movies had.

Stephen King’s It
Has Production Weekly (via dread-central) just revealed that Cary Fukunaga has finally found his Pennywise? While the script for the first part of the planned trilogy has already been finished for some time, the True Detective director has had problems casting the famous clown role. Filming is now set to begin in June. Fukunaga is currently negotiating to direct the other two parts as well.
Those are some big shoes to fill (pun intended), so who might be their new Pennywise? Going back to True Detective, I think Woody Harrelson might have a shot at it. He can certainly play crazy.

Got a better idea?

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