I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this on CHUD yet, but this is the perfect opportunity: I’m an enormous Batman fan. Now, just because I say that doesn’t mean I pray at the Church of Nolan the Redeemer. In fact, with the recent release of the 1966 television show Batman (best Xmas present ever. Thanks, Mom!), I’ve begun to rekindle a love of the zanier and more fun version of the character. So, the news that the Biff! Pow! Zok! iteration is getting a feature length animated film is music to my ears.

Adam West and Burt Ward will reprise their iconic roles in vocal form, and the film is slated to release some time next year. I’d bet my utility belt that this is going to be one of the DC animated features that the company has had so much success with. The big question is who they’ll get to voice all of the villains. People will probably hate me for saying this, but I’d be giddy if they managed to snag Jim Carrey for The Riddler, since his version in Batman Forever was already a riff on Frank Gorshin’s classic performance. Who else will they cast in order to replace the irreplaceable Cesar Romero and Burgess Meredith?

I’m hoping the animators take advantage of the format and give us some great pop-psychedelic imagery. And you know they won’t be able to avoid at least one Batusi. Next year is looking good, old chum. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer for the second best Batman big screen outing (the number one is Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Let’s argue/debate with civility in the comments):