letterier shark

From Transporters to Titans (and a Hulk that even Marvel seems to have swept under the rug), Louis Letterier definitely has experience in dealing with danger. Maybe that’s why he’s currently attached to In the Deep, a 2014 Black List script (it’s also a Blood List script, which is the Black List for horror and genre flicks that no one told me about) about a surfer who gets stranded on a buoy twenty yards from the shore. Since this is a movie, you know that a great white shark is hanging around. Sounds pretty Open Water-y to me, but know the kind of director Letterier is, I expect In the Deep to be a little more propulsive than that flick.

That’s mostly all the news we have on this right now, but I figured this would be a good opportunity to mention my absent column, Fin Flicks. For those of you who follow the column, my deepest thanks. I promise that the column will resume. It has not gone away. Between my new responsibilities here at CHUD, my weekly devotion to my podcast, and my stupid real life job becoming increasingly hectic, it’s been tough to sit down and suffer through some shitty shark movies. I apologize for the delay, and I appreciate your patience. Fin Flicks will return, and as long as I’m here at CHUD and they keep making shark movies, I’ll be writing about them. I look forward to eventually adding In the Deep to the Fin Flicks roster.