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It’s been rumored for ages, but today brings us the first confirmation that Joe and Anthony Russo will be directing the massive two-part Marvel epic, Avengers: Infinity War. The Russos are riding high after their excellent performance on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and it looks like Captain America: Civil War will pretty much act as their dry run for this enormous endeavor.

The Russos have proven their ability to direct tight, propulsive action that manages to feel fantastic and grounded at the same time. Depending on how bonkers Avengers: Infinity War gets, I’m hoping that they can expand their style to allow for the outrageous nature such a story demands. Knowing that they are going to be the first guys to take a crack at the MCU version of Spider-Man (who will show up in Captain America: Civil War) is probably the most exciting element of their involvement.

No writers have been announced yet, but considering that Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeeley have scripted all of the Captain America films, it stands to reason that they are the frontrunners for the gig. This would make me pumped if it wasn’t for the fact that they also wrote Thor: The Dark World, which joined the first Thor in being one of the forgettable pieces of the Marvel puzzle. Eh, everyone can hit a bump in the road.

I’ve said this before in other venues, but I might as well use CHUD to be my biggest megaphone for my Thanos theory. I believe that the Infinity Gauntlet story will allow Marvel to put a cap on their eleven year experiment that started with Iron Man. How? By utilizing Thanos’ powers to create an infinite number of universes that can be mined for movies. It’ll work like it does in the comics: the MCU universe will still exist as our “main universe” and still pump out stories, but now there will exist the possibility of countless iterations of these characters. I think this will end up being how Tony Stark is eventually recast; Robert Downey Jr. will be killed off (and you can believe he’ll get a glorious and worthwhile sendoff), but another Tony Stark from another universe will come into play. This idea would also allow Marvel to try out characters with less of a risk. Moon Knight movie didn’t quite work out? No worries, because that took place on Earth-233-B! The idea of infinite universes would open up the story potential in such insane ways, and also broaden the tones and styles associated with the Marvel movies. I’m also certain this has been discussed because DC has definitely been considering doing a similar thing with their film and television properties (which is a concept they kind of pioneered in the series Crisis on Infinite Earths with the Multiverse).

Okay, crazy-guy-on-the-sidewalk rant over. What do you think about the Russos being tapped to continue on Joss Whedon’s Avengers job? What do you want to see happen when Thanos actually gets out of his chair? Who’s with me on us needing a Moon Knight movie?

Source: Badass Digest