Patrick Munn over at the UK’s TV Wise tells us that the X-Files revival currently in development is close to securing an order! The Daily Mail heard that Fox wants a six-episode order, but that information is unconfirmed. Munn reports that the order will be less than ten episodes, which is a-okay with me.

The other details are very promising. Chief among them: Chris Carter will be writing, directing, and executive producing these new episodes. Maybe not all of them, but his involvement will be quite heavy. Some of you might not be sold on that after I Want to Believe, but that thing was rushed into being due to an impending writers’ strike. Also, it was co-written by Frank Spotnitz, whose participation in this new run is unclear.

The other rumors floating around relate to cast members and previous writing staff. Mitch Peleggi has reportedly received an offer, and I think we all want Skinner back in some capacity, no? Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are already confirmed to return, which should surprise no one.

What and who do you want to see when The X-Files returns? Should they focus on giving the characters proper closure with the main alien mythology, or give us some solid monsters-of-the-season?