charlotte gainsbourg ID4

Charlotte Gainsbourg is an actress I envision living in an arthouse theater. She’s never attempted (to my knowledge) a crossover into the realm of Hollywood blockbusters. Well, after today’s news, it looks like her honorary beret and pack of clove cigarettes will be getting revoked. THR reports that Gainsbourg has been cast in Independence Day 2: They’re BAAAAAACK! Her role is unconfirmed, but I’m going to go ahead and assume she’s one of the aliens inside of the bigger aliens. Instead of possessing Brent Spiner, she’ll just make Jeff Goldblum depressed about the dissolution of his marriage before crushing his balls with a block of wood.

Speaking of Goldblum, he’s the only original cast member currently slated to return. Is he going to take over as the leading man in this sequel to a smash hit? Remember the last time he tried that?

The big replacement this time around is Jessie Usher, filling in for Big Willie by playing his stepson from the original film. If this means that Smith’s character is going to get Chief Brody-ed a la Jaws: The Revenge, this flick is already on the path to Ugh-town. Liam Hemsworth will also pop up in order to fool everyone into thinking that Thor is in the film. What about Bill Pullman? Did his paycheck from The Equalizer set him up for life?

Who out there wants a sequel to Independence Day? Anyone? Convince me in the comments and forums that this is a better way for Fox to spend money instead of them greenlighting my sequel for The Legend of Bagger Vance.