After years of false starts, rumors, and an Internet clamoring that seemed to spring out of a meme-obsessed culture, the Deadpool movie is officially on its way to becoming a real thing. Leading man Ryan Reynolds and co-star/Companion Morena Baccarin both tweeted these cutesy pics to signify the start of shooting:

Not being a fan of the character (I know enough about him, but I’m not steeped in Deadpool lore or anything), I’ll admit that the test footage/short film that was leaked online worked really well. The challenge will be to sustain that momentum, humor and tone over the course of a feature film, not to mention craft a narrative and characters that the audience can get invested in. There’s certainly the opportunity here to do something unique in the superhero landscape, and I’ll be more than happy if it scratches the itch that a sufficient contingency of people apparently need scratched. We’ll know if Deadpool will be the topical ointment that reduces fans’ swelling and itch on February 12 of next year.