Satan exists in our world and he makes deals with humans for their souls. I have no other explanation for the meteoric rise of screenwriter Ehren Kruger. To be fair, it’s not like his entire filmography is full of clunkers (Arlington Road is his saving grace. The Ring doesn’t count in his favor since it’s mostly a straight adaptation of the original film), but nine out of ten of those films are mediocre at best. I have to give him a pass on The Brothers Grimm though, but that’s because I purposefully avoided it. It looked like the most obvious cash grab Terry Gilliam has ever been involved in, but now it looks like the film Disney has modeled all of its reinterpretations on.

Well, if there are any fans of The Brothers Grimm out there, get ready to jump for joy. Miramax announced that Kruger will be executive producing a new TV version based on the film, and while nothing I’ve read states it, I have to believe he’ll be contributing a script or two at the very least.

I’m guessing this is going to act as the goth kid version of Once Upon a Time. My only hope is that the show will dig into some fairy tale deep cuts instead of just the familiar fare. And seeing aspects of the original stories that mostly everyone avoids in their adaptations would give the show some gory novelty.

Where are all you Kruger-ites at? Does someone have an impassioned argument for Blood and Chocolate? Is Impostor a misunderstood masterpiece? Do you think it’s time for people to start reevaluating The Skeleton Key?