Thanks to a Hollywood Reporter exclusive, we now know that A&E wants to remake Let The Right One In as a TV drama. Who pitched it to ’em? Why none other than Jeff Davis, showrunner of MTV’s Teen Wolf, and Brandon Boyce, who acts on Teen Wolf and adapted Apt Pupil for the big screen.

Here’s the synopsis, per THR:

The drama follows the boy and female vampire, who lives in secrecy with her mysterious guardian. When a series of strange murders pops up in their small Vermont town, it attracts the attention of a federal marshal with a mysterious past of his own.

That’s not terribly far removed from the novel, Swedish film, American remake, or the stage play, but the more rural Vermont setting could change things up a bit. Horror-inspired programming has proven lucrative for A&E, with Bates Motel now in its third season. A&E outbid Showtime for the chance to develop Let The Right One In, so at least there’s some buzz from more than one source in town. My opinion? Well… I’ve never seen a single episode of Teen Wolf, but I can tell you that if Eli and Oskar will be aged up and sexed up for this adaptation, I’m not interested. How does one pull off the idea of a perpetual 12-year-old on a TV show, exactly? The laws of puberty tell us that just ain’t gonna work. Any ideas on how they might do this?