With notes of Pacific Rim, District 9, Halo, Shadow of the Colossus, and Moby Dick, one can’t argue that this proof-of-concept for The Leviathan isn’t derivative. But this little peek at a grimy future is still intriguing. The stuff in the hangar at the beginning is really lovely, and the actual Leviathan hunt made me feel that grip of adrenaline down in my guts. Maybe that’s the coffee kicking in, but I think this whole concept works pretty well — as a short. I’m hesitant to say it’d work in a feature, because all we have to go on right now is the trailer above from Irish director Ruairi Robinson and this art (click to enlarge) from artist Jim Murray. The creature itself was designed by Jordu Schell.


Sure, it looks cool, but we all know sci-fi is having a hard time getting by on looking cool. What do you think, Chewers? Would you see this movie?