Batman Batmobile BvS

Good ol’ El Mayimbe and his super scoops. If today’s scoop is true (and I trust Mayimbe quite a lot), it offers us our first peek into the timeline and plans behind DC’s cinematic universe. While you should still tag this as a rumor, Mayimbe’s track record has more successes than failures.

According to the Latino Review writer, Suicide Squad will take place before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Batman’s role will be one shrouded in mystery. Basically, he has been operating almost sight unseen for X amount of years, and this has pissed the government off big time. They want to find Batman because they believe him to be “the key to tracking down all the supers.” The reason that they have employed The Joker in the movie is because he is the only person that has ever met Batman, which makes him a valuable asset to Amanda Waller, the person who puts together the Suicide Squad.

You know, I’ve been pretty hesitant about Suicide Squad. It’s a concept more fit for television than a feature film, and making it such a linchpin for the DC cinematic universe seems like the bad kind of bizarre to me. I’m also not on board with Jared Leto as The Joker, but that has more to do with me really not digging Leto as a persona as opposed to what his/the film’s interpretation of the Clown Prince of Crime will be.

However, this information about Batman and Joker’s relationship is pretty cool. We’ve known that Batman’s role in BvS: DoJ (does it look worse as a title or an initialism?) was going to be as an invisible boogeyman that comes out of hiding to deal with the Superman situation, but hearing that The Joker is the only known character to have any interaction with Batman (according to El Mayimbe, the government has some footage of Batman in action) is different and mythical. You might wonder what that means for Commisioner Gordon, but if you’ve been keeping up with the rumors regarding BvS: DoJ (god that is ugly), you know that Gordon has been killed off before that movie starts.

Suicide Squad has the potential to be the good kind of bonkers, and this new info shines a little more optimism on DC’s eventual plans for a connected universe of films, but I’m still treading lightly here. DC has a lot of work to do, and I don’t want to get too excited because if they blow it, it’ll be pretty disheartening.

Time for your opinion, Chewers. What do you think of this new development in the DC movie world? Does it give you hope that DC knows what their doing?