Dumbo mom

I don’t like PETA. They are one of the best examples of paving the road to Hell with good intentions. They care more about animals than they do people, and I’m sorry if it sounds cruel, but humans trump adorable animals in my book. That all being said, I must admit to experiencing a moral dilemma when I read that PETA wrote an open letter to Tim Burton (via THR) requesting that the ending of his new adaptation of Dumbo change the ending of the original film, in which Dumbo and his mother are given their own private boxcar on the circus’ train.

On the one hand, I understand where PETA is coming from and genuinely sympathize with their concern. With all we know now about the horrible conditions animals are subjected to in order to perform for humans, it would seem weird to make that the triumphant ending of a film today. In fact, doesn’t this bring into question the entire idea of even making this film in today’s world?

But, I still get riled whenever political correctness or outside agendas impose themselves on the work of artists. Filmmakers should be worried about telling the best possible story they can without having to fret about what group they might piss off.

This could all be washed away by simply not making the movie, which I’m sure some of you know that I would be in support of. Regardless of whether or not Burton follows this directive from PETA (he will), the one thing we can all count on is that we’re going to be the ones being tortured when this film finally comes out.