Sir Ian McKellen is awesome. Whether it’s playing chess with Patrick Stewart, informing balrogs that they won’t be allowed to pass, or just being himself, the dude is classy, fun, and always a joy to watch. Learning that he re-teamed with Gods and Monsters director Bill Condon to make a movie about the golden years of Sherlock Holmes has to be exciting for anyone with half a pulse. The film was pretty well received in Berlin, and now we have a street date for us Yanks. Mr. Holmes will land smack dab in the middle of the summer on July 17th.

Holmes is always going to be a great character, but I guess I’ll take this moment to admit that I’m looking forward to an interpretation that doesn’t involve Bengay Bandersnatch. The last season of his show fell flat for me, and considering that I had figured out its big cliffhanger before the season even aired, it made the whole run an almost pointless affair (it does have a point, but it’s a lame one. It’s all to integrate a single new character into the mix).

Still, I love a good Holmes yarn, and even though this one might threaten to be a bit saccharine, I trust Condon and McKellen. And hey, Laura Linney is never a bad thing. She even makes Congo half watchable!

Give me all of your Congo love in the comments and forums, Chewers. You’ll make Dylan Walsh proud.