The Expendables was a pretty big disappointment. With the exception of Mickey Rourke’s greatest monologue ever (go watch it), it fell pretty flat for me. Then, The Expendables 2 gave us the gift of Jean Claude Van Damme’s Jean Vilain, something we still haven’t learned to fully appreciate. I missed out on The Expendables 3, but a good contingent of people seem to think it’s the best film in the series. I guess this news is for them.

Fox is developing an Expendables television show. Stallone will produce (and I guarantee he’ll cameo in the pilot), and the plan will be to get some washed out TV badasses together to form the TV branch of The Expendables.

Predictions for the TV cast of The Expendables:

  • KITT from Knight Rider
  • Katt from The Greatest American Hero
  • Lance Henriksen from Lance Henriksen’s Kitchen Cook-Off Bonanza
  • The ghost of Lorne Greene from Bonanza and Battlestar Galactica
  • Muffit II from Battlestar Galactica
  • Ray Wise from Everything Except Battlestar Galactica
  • John Glover from John Glover Goes to Mars
  • Uncle Scrooge from DuckTales
  • Tina Yothers

We need your predictions, Chewers. If we predict enough new Expendables, we can’t fail!