Spider-Man Japanese

It’s always nice when Drews have some good news come their way. I like almost all of the Drews in the Hollywood game (which made my adolescent crush on Drew Barrymore infinite levels of weird), so hearing from Latino Review that he’s been tapped to write and direct the newest Spider-Man film is pretty awesome.

Not just because he’s a Drew (he’s not a pure Drew like me though. He’s an Andrew, which are like the daywalker versions of a Drew), but because Goddard is a good writer. His biggest contribution (in my book) has been The Cabin in the Woods, but he was also involved with another Marvel character, Daredevil, before jumping off of that Netflix project. Looks like Marvel wanted to keep him around and give him a bigger toy to play with. This also seems to signify that his involvement with the Sinister Six spin-off film is deader than the Aunt May movie. RIP Aunt May movie.

We’re all still fluttering around with theories about how the official MCU Spider-Man will be handled, and our comments section is hungry for your ideas. I have hope that Goddard will give us some of his best work, and whatever eldritch being that inhabited him while writing World War Z has been exorcised and sent back into the Great Void.

UPDATE: According to Latino Review (we’re still in “sources say” mode here, but I’m pretty trusting with them. Plus, TheWrap confirmed the scoop), we might have a little info on some stuff people have been wondering about for the newest cinematic incarnation of everyone’s favorite webhead.

Peter Parker will be Spider-Man. He’ll be in high school, and this will not be an origin movie. The film will deal with him having to take on the first formation of the Sinister Six. The film will be called The Spectacular Spider-Man (they are going to run out of adjectives), will feature a young unknown in the role, and will be released on July 28, 2017. There’s also talk about Spidey duking it out with Iron Man in his first film, and trying out for The Avengers.

I’m on board with all of this. I really hope Spidey is able to bridge the gap between the larger than life heroes and the street level stuff being done on Netflix. The MCU is missing a kid’s perspective of all this insanity, and Spidey is the perfect conduit for that while still being superheroic himself.

If all of this comes to pass, I think it’s okay to start getting excited about Spidey again. New Sony co-chair That Which Must Never Be Named can’t mess up something this good. Let me dream, Chewers. Dream with me in the comments.