There was this fake movie trailer that came out almost half a decade ago for a film calledĀ Clown, in which a father dresses up as a clown for his kid’s birthday party, but finds that the costume won’t come off. The trailer said it was from Eli Roth, but he had less than zero to do with it.

Well, Roth saw the trailer and liked it, so he gave the filmmakers a chance at making a real movie out of their idea. I gotta admit, I admire the huckster spirit involved with this project. Now, we have a trailer for a film based off of a trailer:

Besides the promise of the Stormare of the Century, I think I like the original fake trailer more. While it looks like we might get some decent low budget creature stuff (the extending fingers and toes are pretty nifty), this one feels slightly less fun for some reason. Maybe because I know it’s for a real movie? I dunno. It lands on DVD/Blu-ray this Monday, so I might give it a peek, if just to tide me over until I start seeing stuff from Cary Fukunaga’s adaptation of Stephen King’sĀ It.

Here’s the original faux trailer for comparison: