Lucifer angel

I love Satan. He’s an interesting fella, and a hoot at parties. Sadly, I’ve never taken the time to read the Lucifer comic series that spun out of Neil Gaiman’s landmark Sandman stories. It always sounded cool: Mr. Morningstar abdicates the throne of Hell and opens a piano bar in Los Angeles (City of Angels indeed!). Of course, he ends up getting sucked into some otherworldly shenanigans. “Just when I thought I was out…”

Well, Fox has been tight with the Fallen One for quite some time now, so they decided to throw the guy a bone and give him a TV show. Deadline reports that it will deviate from the comic by setting up Lucifer with the LAPD in some fashion. Ol’ Scratch is bosom buddies with American law enforcement as well, so this seems like a match made in… oh, right.

DC is going bananas on the small screen lately (I’m keeping every crossable digit on my body crossed in the hopes that Preacher turns out to be a masterpiece). For the most part, I’ve heard that it’s been going well for them, so as a semi-retired DC fanboy, that makes me happy. The only wrinkle in this news nugget is the involvement of cancer-masquerading-as-director Len Wiseman, who is slated to direct the pilot. In case you couldn’t tell, I really don’t like Wiseman, but I can’t imagine he’ll stick around for long. He has to shart out another Underworld abomination at some point. Defend your love of that impeccable franchise in the comments.