I don’t have television, but everyone seems to be going crazy for this Saturday Night Live anniversary episode that happened over the weekend. For a show that has been around longer than Michael Fassbender has been drawing air, it’s done pretty okay for itself. It also gave us The Ladies ManIt’s Pat: The Movie, and can even be held slightly responsible for Blues Brothers 2000. To be fair, it did spawn MacGruber, so it’s not all bad.

The only thing from that night that got me interested came from Leslie Jones’ Twitter, and that’s our first group photo of the new owners of the Ecto-1 (which will now be environmentally friendly, as it’s fueled by the tortured souls of the dead. …wait, isn’t that what fossil fuels are?):

The new real Ghostbusters

If you told me the woman on the far right was a Maria Bamford clone, I’d believe you. Kristen Wiig looks like she’s waaay to cool for this party, and Melissa McCarthy is doing her best impression of Chatterer from Hellraiser. I feel kind of bad for Leslie Jones. No one has ever said, “I wanna grow up to be Ernie Hudson!” when they were a kid.

I want the best for this new incarnation of Ghostbusters, but I wish we could have all of these ridiculously talented performers in something original. Regardless, whatever happens with this project can’t be worse than Extreme Ghostbusters. It just can’t be.