Way back in post no. 2 of The Neurotic Monologues, I commented about anime shows I thought deserved to have live action versions. One of my picks was Blood, The Last Vampire.

Today, thanks to darkhorizons.com’s wonderful trailers section, I found out there’s a live action version of Blood, The Last Vampire. It will be released in June of this year in the UK. Yay!

But seriously, has almost no one been talking about this film or is my head perpetually stuck in the clouds and I just didn’t realize it was being made? Probably the second option.

Silly fact: The film is no. 3 on cnn.com’s 15 movies for geeks in 2009.  Very nice. 

The film, directed by Chris Nahon – a French director whose work I’ve never seen – looks good. My only hope is that the film achieves the full potential of the story which, in my opinion, wasn’t achieved in the original anime film and was butchered in the tele series (don’t kill me, Blood + fans!).

Here’s the original anime film’s trailer:

And here’s the trailer for the live action film: