The (temporary?) shutdown of the comments section on the blogs put my synopsis jumble game on the shelf for the time being; probably for the best, as it saved me from a Favreau-in-Swingers style meltdown where I keep posting new entries and nobody responds.  But I come back to the CHUDBlogosphere bearing gifts: a podcast!  One of my best friends, Rick Katschke has a podcast called Host and Guest where he interviews people in the entertainment field on a pretty frequent basis (some previous guests include Stella, Jimmy Pardo, and the lead member of the Alloy Orchestra) and he was kind enough to bring me on the program for a two-part discussion of some of the more notable films of ’08.  Part one is now live on his website ( and ready for CHUD consumption.  Let me know what you think!

Again, the link: CLICK HERE!!!

Part two coming soonish.