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The Beyond is coming to Blu-ray in February. Even though Arrow Video has already distributed the Lucio Fulci masterwork in the UK, this North American version is special. Grindhouse Releasing have put together a 3-disc package to include the HD Uncensored Director’s Cut of the film along with a loaded disc of extras and the soundtrack by Fabio Frizzi. Check out the details below:

– Spectacular hi-definition digital transfer of the original UNCENSORED director’s cut
– Provocative commentary by stars Catriona MacColl and genre superstar David Warbeck
– Optional Italian language soundtrack and original mono mix
– Rare archival interviews with director Lucio Fulci and David Warbeck
– Lost German pre-credit sequence in FULL COLOR
– Liner notes by legendary horror journalist Chas. Balun and EuroHorror expert Martin Beine
– Extensive still galleries and theatrical trailers

– Breathtaking 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio surround sound re-mix by Academy Award winner Paul Ottoman

– BONUS CD – original soundtrack album by Fabio Frizzi newly remastered in stunning 96khz sound from the original studio master tapes

– New in-depth interviews with stars Catriona MacColl, Cinzia Monreale and Giovanni De Nava, U.S. production manager Larry Ray, make-up artists Giannetto DeRossi and Maurizio Trani, cinematographer Sergio Salvati, writer Dardano Sacchetti, producer Fabrizio De Angelis, composer Fabio Frizzi, original U.S. distributor Terry Levene, and Antonella Fulci


This is a huge deal for Fulci fans. The only drawback is that we’ll have to wait till after the holidays, but for features like the lost pre-credit sequence and the new transfer, it’s absolutely worth it. Right now the pre-order is available at Diabolik DVD. Head over there this week and you can get the insane meta-gorefest A Cat in the Brain for six bucks as well. Check it out here.

If you’ve never seen The Beyond before, have a look at this original trailer. It’ll blow your mind.

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