Adam Savage and Alton Brown

I have a healthy curiosity about food science and an unhealthy obsession with movies, so filmmaker/chef/educator/show host Alton Brown is kind of a hero to me. His long-running Food Network show Good Eats may have had bottom-of-the-barrel production values, but the ingenuity on display was what really hooked me. The show is partially available on Netflix now, and if you forgive the cheap costumes, cheesy family-friendly humor, and silly accents, there’s a lot to love.

Like most nerdy celebrities today, Alton Brown has his own podcast. Appropriately titled ‘The Alton Browncast’, the show features interviews with chefs, filmmakers, and other good folks in the food and entertainment industries. In the most recent episode, Alton sat down with Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage to talk about movies, and they REALLY get into it. In the ensuing seventy-four minutes, they talk a lot about The Godfather, Blade Runner, Indiana Jones, Raymond Chandler, Stanley Kubrick, Star Wars, and getting your kids to appreciate cinema. Enjoy.