I’m not sure how you chewers feel about Daniel Brühl, but I’ve enjoyed just about every performance of his that I’ve seen. The German-Spanish actor got his American break in The Bourne Ultimatum, but his performance in the exquisitely cast Inglourious Basterds stood out, even amongst Tarantino’s heavy hitters.

So I guess you can tell that I’m fairly pleased about the news that he’s been cast in an unannounced villainous role in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. There’s some conflicting information floating around about this role: some sources are saying it’s a minor villain, one that might end up being the main villain in Doctor Strange.

Also, I must have missed this little nugget of info when it was released: Civil War will mark the first appearance of Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther. He joins Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, and some other regulars in Marvel’s next epic mash-up. We’ll see ’em here in the US on May 6, 2016.