Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 10.58.42 AMPoor Famke. She dies in her first big franchise. Now she dies in her second. If they ever get around to Rounders 2 I’m sure she’ll die in that too. She’s like Sean Bean with a pussy. Dead in the trailer. A crying shame.

If you liked Taken 2, good news. Taken 3 is coming.

If you liked Taken 2 you’re an imbecile.

But Taken 1 was a lot of fun and Liam Neeson’s a great thing. The big twist in this latest film (also directed by the ludicrously named Olivier Megaton) is that no one is taken from our hero Brian [an action hero named BRIAN!]… except his FREEDOM! Not only is Famke destroyed but he takes the blame! Tragic.

Enter cockeyed lawman Forrest Whitaker and the cat and mouse game is afoot! Dougray Scott’s in the film so he’ll surely be a trashy European villain for whom Brian will stomp on the face of. Maggie Grace is back because holy shot Maggie Grace needs the work.

Enjoy the trailer. It’s polished. Here’s hoping Olivier Megaton makes a good movie rather than a thin vessel in which to see Luc Besson’s storytelling shortcomings.