Skull Island

That Tom Hiddleston sure is big right now. But is the man who expertly played Loki big enough to take on giant dinosaurs, bugs and apes?

Legendary has announced that Hiddleston will star in Skull Island, the film that traces the origins of the island that brought us King Kong. Not only did Legendary announce that Hiddleston will star but they also revealed that Jordan Vogt-Roberts (The Kings of Summer and upcoming Metal Gear Solid adaptation) will direct. The studio already announced that Max Borenstein (Godzilla) will write so this thing is officially coming together. It’s come a long way from its surprise announcement just months ago at San Diego Comic-Con.

Moving on from casting, here’s the big question: is a Skull Island movie really a good idea? Well, it’ll definitely be fun to watch, right? Peter Jackson’s King Kong isn’t a masterpiece (I loved it upon release but it’s really, really, reaaaaaaally bloated) but you can’t argue that it isn’t a brilliant, gorgeous visual feast. If Vogt-Roberts is able to duplicate that SFX grandness then we’re going to have something wonderful to watch, even if it all feels a little unnecessary.

But is it unnecessary? You know, I’m not sure. It’s a big island with a massive history, there’s plenty of room for some ample drama and adventure. Who knows what kind of fun Vogt-Roberts and crew can produce? The possibilities are promising and this could turn into a Hell of a blockbuster. As well, the welcome casting of Hiddleston assures we’ll have a likable, talented lead actor. My concerns lie with Borentein’s script. I’m a big fan of Godzilla but we can all admit the humans weren’t the strongest part of that film. Perhaps Borenstein will be able to balance the characters a bit more this time.