I Know What You Did

I Know What You Did Last Summer came out at the perfect time. Riding the wave of Scream, I Know was a smash hit and propelled its stars into the Teen Beat spotlight. It also spawned a successful sequel (co-starring Jack Black! Remember?) and remains one of the biggest hits of the teen-slasher run of the late 90’s.

It’s only been 17 years (Wow. Really?) but the movie is getting remade by Sony Pictures, opening the door for many other slasher remakes in the near future. Sony has tasked Oculus co-writer/director Mike Flanagan with the remake, mostly likely because he made Oculus for next to nothing and that film ended up grossing $40 million worldwide. You can bet Sony is hoping Flanagan will once again make a big smash out of a small budget.

For those who didn’t see the original, I Know What You Did Last Summer is about a group of teens who accidentally hit an anonymous man with a car, cover up the murder and then are systematically taken out one-by-one for their dirty deeds. The hooded killer had a big hook and wasn’t afraid of knocking the teens off in some pretty grizzly ways. It was a lot of fun. Not a great movie by any means but hit the spot for dating teens looking for a fun Friday night out.

Will the remake, which is once again based on the original novel by Lois Duncan, be scarier and harder now that the horror landscape has changed? And will it be a hit and create another remake rush? Are we one step closer to a studio remaking Urban Legends? If so, is Rebecca Gayheart available?

Source: Deadline