Yesterday, Christopher Nolan revealed a new trailer for Interstellar to the people of Comic Con. 45 years earlier, the first manned mission to the moon returned safely to Earth. Coincidence?

Boyhood*got me thinking a lot about the passage of time, particularly as it relates to film. In so many ways, that’s a story about how you can’t go back. As Stephen Hawking puts it, a shattered glass will never piece itself back together. How film fits into all of this, I don’t know exactly. The truly incredible video above shows us in dizzying detail (the eight minutes of footage encompasses 30 seconds of time) how the first men to walk on the moon were launched into space. As incredible as that¬†achievement is, without film it’d be lost forever.

So enjoy.

*If you noticed, I haven’t been writing much this week. I planned on having reviews for Boyhood, Snowpierecer and They Came Together (to name a few) up in the last week or so. But it turns out being a groomsman in a wedding while planning your own takes up more time than you might think (also why I’m not at Comic Con this year). That, and Boyhood really, seriously, honestly fucked with my head. I don’t think I can fart out a review of a film that took 12 years to make. That just doesn’t seem fair. And thus, I came down with a nasty case of writers’ block that killed my drive. If you’ve ever had any ambition to write professionally (or whatever the equivalent is when you write for CHUD…wink!) you know that sometimes you just have to wait these things out. I did and will hopefully be back with more than brief write-ups on horror movie trailers I like/don’t like.