This comes from Patrick Willems, the guy responsible for “What If Tommy Wiseau Directed Batman?” and “What if Sergio Leone Directed The Punisher.”

I don’t have a ton of thoughts to share here. It’s a short, so it takes a reductive look at Bergman’s early, black & white films. No biggie. Willems gets points for the strange pairing of material and director, neither of which scream “click bait.” I also just watched the new Blu-ray of Persona, so Sven Nyquivist’s cinematography is still fresh in my mind. If you haven’t chosen a side on the digital vs. film debate, take a look at how stunning that 48-year-old film looks when compared to whatever they used to shoot this. You could probably extend that debate to the overall filmmaking on display here if you want to be uncharitable.

Man, I’m in a weird mood today.

bergman's the flash