1. The killing of one’s wife.

There, you learned a new word at the expense of my search history, which now makes me look just as guilty as Nick (Ben Affleck) does in this trailer.

(Potential spoilers below)



I could not be more excited to see Fincher take on this material. Material which I found to be…problematic. Those who’ve read the book know that there’s a big narrative switcharoo that takes place about mid-way through, and the response has been divisive. To my mind, the “twist” takes a truly great idea—following the main suspect’s perspective after the disappearance of his wife—and transforms the book into an update of The Bad Seed. Some people, including the author, are going to claim that the second half of the novel becomes an exploration of the dissolution of a marriage/relationship. But if that’s true, the subtext is buried under several pounds of horror make-up. A shame, considering how well the first half of the book concocts a nightmarish, inescapable, wrong man scenario. It’s like 60 Minutes meets The Trial!

At any rate, this new trailer looks unlike any other movie coming out this year. I can’t wait.