It’s finally here, everyone! Today a few cities are getting the first feature length film by Bong Joon-Ho in five years. It would have been sooner, but this one went through hell to get here. Now it’s time for those of us with the ability to support this thing to get out there and do it. I’ll help. Here’s a list of the theaters where you can see Snowpiercer this weekend.

Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center 2—New York, NY
Angelika Film Center 6—New York, NY
Nitehawk Cinema 3, Brooklyn—NY
Alamo Drafthouse Lakeline—Austin, TX
Sundance Sunset Cinema—West Hollywood, CA
CGV Cinemas LA—Los Angeles, CA
SIFF Cinema at the Uptown—Seattle, WA
AMC Metreon 15 + Imax—San Francisco, CA

The film opens much wider next Wednesday for the holiday weekend, and you can find that complete list HERE.

Guys, the director of Memories of Murder and The Host has a truly geeky looking sci-fi movie with Tilda Swinton in Thatcher drag in theaters right now. He even smuggled Song Kang-ho in there! Wait a year for Transformers to rerun on FX and support this fucking movie in the theater if you can! This isn’t homework, it’s a privilege.