I don’t know about you, but today I stayed home and watched all of the Planet of the Apes movies (with the exception of the Tim Burton remake, because life’s too short), ate some Dominos “specialty chicken” and gave myself a stomach ache. That’s how excited I am about Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, folks!

But my exploration of the Planet (it was Earth all along) was arguably incomplete, because it failed to include Revenge From Planet Ape. What the fuck is a Planet Ape, you say? The answer lies with the 1971 Spanish horror film,  Tombs of the Blind Dead, which, failing to find an audience in the US as the story of zombified members of the knights templar, rebranded itself to play off the popularity of the Apes franchise.

Yeah, but how do you get from undead knights to revenge seeking apes? With a nifty new prologue!

Hmm! Really makes you want to watch, not just that film, but the other three films in the series, right? Explore that urge HERE. It comes in a coffin-shaped-box, something none of the “real” Planet of the Apes films can claim.