A few months ago, I ran across an animated horror anthology by Late Night Work Club called, Ghost Stories. Somewhere in the middle of that is Alex Grigg’s short, Phantom Limb, which exemplifies the best of what was already an incredibly interesting collection of shorts. Now it’s available to watch on its own, which you already should have done by now.

What I like about Limb and a lot of the other entries in Ghost Stories, is the liberal take on the title. The hauntings range from literal to abstract to emotional, etc. and what Limb achieves—perhaps more so than the rest of the stories in the collection—is clean, economical and impactful storytelling. It’s simple. The hands in the air on the back of the motorcycle. The TV turning on by itself. The dividing line cutting through the center of the frame over and over again. So many lovely moments.

Oh, and a little Akira for good measure.