It’s a public holiday today here in Australia – specifically, the Queen’s Birthday holiday. It’s not actually the Queen’s birthday, and to be fair no Aussie (or Brit for that matter) worth their salt gives a flat fuck about the Royals, but’s that’s no excuse to not celebrate a long weekend and the dawn of E3 week with a nice slab of honest, balls-out metal.

Here to oblige us is talented YouTuber FamilyJules7X with a shred-heavy medley of videogame music spanning the history of the medium, from 1972’s Pong to this year’s Dark Souls 2. There’s the odd fudging of details here, like the slight mismatch of Tetris‘s creation date with the tune made famous by the Game Boy version (Which of course came several years later), or Mortal Kombat being represented by the movie theme, but no matter: both tunes sound fucking immense, and perfectly represent their games, so who cares? And is it me, or do Skyrim and Twilight Princess┬ámake simply perfect Power Metal songs? And are the acoustic renditions of The Last of Us and Dark Souls 2 simply gorgeous? And who knew that the music from The Sims could rock so hard? Oh, and the Battlefield theme? All. The. Fucking. CRUNCH.

Well played, FamilyJules7X. Well played.