I’m not sure of anything in my life as sure of the fact that Chick Tracts are the most batshit things ever published on paper. Extraterrestrial JFK assassination theories? They pale in comparison. Obama as a secret terrorist plant? Logical compared to a Chick Tract. If Jack Chick were to emerge today and admit his entire career has built on a joke to expose religious fundamentalists for the frauds they are they would have to rename the Pulitzer Prize after him because what an amazing job he’s done. Chick Tracts are like crack to me. I read them as the highest form of comedy there is. Amazing stuff. Unless they’re serious, which they are. And as a result they are scary reminders just how slowly along the human race is evolving. From monkeys.

Someone won a small lottery fortune and decided to pursue optioning the rights to the famous laughably close-minded D&D themed Chick Tract and someone GOT THE RIGHTS. Kickstarter followed and now we have Dark Dungeons: The Movie as a result.

I don’t think it looks like a masterpiece but if ever a film deserved the benefit of the doubt it’s this one. Good on you, JR Ralls for dreaming the impossible dream.

Watch the trailer: